Cute and Creative Halloween Decor Without Breaking the Bank

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Decorating for Halloween is so popular in the U.S., Americans spent about $8.8 billion in total on the holiday in 2019. Of course, there’s no reason to break the bank when it comes to coming up with your own cute and create décor.

There are lots of easy, DIY ideas for travel nurses and anyone to dress up their place for Halloween fun.

Mini-Pumpkin Witches

Tiny pumpkins are readily available in the fall and come at a minimal cost. You can use them without having to carve out their guts to create miniature pumpkin witches. Face the pumpkins stem forward to use as the nose, and then use a black marker to color in the mouth and the eyes. If you want to get more detailed, cut a circle out of white duct tape for the eyes. For hair, cut strips of green duct tape and place it across the tops of the pumpkins. Little witch hats are a must – you can find them on sites like Amazon, and often at hobby stores or dollar stores.

Spine-Chilling Mirror

How many horror movies have you seen with mirrors that have creepy messages on them? There are many different ways you can do this. Find an old mirror at a thrift store or use one of your own, and then cut newspaper into the letters of your choice – such as “REDЯUM” from Jack Nicholson’s “The Shining,” or “Help Me!” and then place them onto the mirror, spraying them with matte finish spray. You can also use a red paint or red “blood” from a Halloween store, dripping it down the mirror for an extra chilling effect.

Frankenstein Cans

Frankenstein cans are a crafty way to recycle while providing a silly addition to your decor. You can create as many as you want – all you need are empty tin cans. Clean and dry them well, and then bring them outside, spraying them down with a light coat of green (Frankenstein shade) paint. Allow them to dry for five or 10 minutes and then apply one or two more coats until they’re sufficiently covered. You’ll want the final coat to dry for at least an hour. Cut an edge of painter’s tape to resemble the flat top of Frank’s head, wrapping it around the can about a half-inch down, pressing firmly. Now spray the top of the can with black paint, using one to two coats, allowing it to dry between each coat. After about 20 minutes, remove the painter’s tape and use a paint pen to draw a stitched mouth and scars. You can hot glue on googly eyes and get even more creative by gluing on things like bolts or screws, buttons or wine corks.

Barbie Zombies

You can usually find old Barbies at thrift stores or pick up cheap knockoffs at a dollar store. Remove their clothing and then use a combination or paint and dye to age the clothes and dirty them up. Tease the dolls’ hair and then spray them with gray paint. After they’ve dried, put their clothes back on and splatter red paint on randomly to make them look bloody. You can use paint pens to make them look even more “undead.”

Creepy, Watchful Eyes

Get yourself some ping pong balls and cut out small X-shaped openings at the bottom of each. Draw-on pupils and veins with paint pens and then place them on top of the flame portions of LED tea-lights.

Halloween Ladder Displays

If you have an old wooden ladder, or can find one at a thrift store, it makes for a perfect Halloween display. You can add painted mini-pumpkins, Jack-o’-lanterns, little bats and other items, along with spiderwebs strategically strewn throughout.

Have you already carved a pumpkin this year? Show it off by joining us in our 2020 NTN Pumpkin Carving/Painting Contest.

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