Employee Appreciation Week Recap

Next Travel Nursing

Next Medical Staffing is so grateful to be a part of the Health Carousel family. Health Carousel was recently named one of the top places to work in Cincinnati, OH by the Cincinnati Enquirer. We would like to congratulate our parent company on their success, and our team was thrilled to participate in the weeklong celebration.

Last week there were contests, delicious snacks, and prizes all provided by Health Carousel. Across the divisions, we competed in pushup challenges, planking challenges, and beach ball challenges. On Wednesday, we received a delicious breakfast from Panera. The prizes included Fitbits, digital cameras, and even a 55″ TV! Lastly, the week was concluded with a trip to a Cincinnati Reds game!

Health Carousel Values greatly values its employees, and last week further emphasized that fact. All of us here at Next share these values, and we would love for you to be a part of our culture!

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