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The home health industry’s explosive growth is not expected to slow any time soon. Experienced home health RNs know that their skill-set is in demand, and many are choosing to take the plunge into travel nursing for the first time. Maybe you’re burned out in your current locale and simply want to take care of patients? Or perhaps the prospect of higher pay has caught your interest?

No matter what your motivation, travel nursing offers something for everybody, and making the transition to a home health travel RN job is easier than ever.

First, the perks. Why are home health nurses ditching their traditional day (or night) jobs to take on travel assignments?

1. Flexible schedules.

Travel nurses enjoy much greater autonomy than employed RNs. Don’t want that assignment? Don’t take it. Travel nurses have the ability to work with their recruiters to find assignments that fit their personal needs and preferences. And they don’t have to worry about using up a limited bank of vacation time, because they can choose to accept assignments when they want to.

2. Higher pay.

Maybe you’re paying off debt, saving for a new house, or are less-than-thrilled with the small annual increases you’re getting in your current role. Travel nurses are able to take advantage of economic opportunities outside their local market to increase their pay. Plus, in addition to higher hourly wages, travel RNs usually get benefits, special tax breaks, and stipends for housing and living expenses.

3. Visit new places.

Maybe you’ve dreamed of going to a specific city or state, but heard that housing is so expensive there and jobs are hard to find. Home health travel nursing is an inexpensive way to visit new places.

4. Building resumes.

Travel nurses gain access to prestigious medical centers, which end up on their resumes. They can also gain exposure to new specialties, skill-sets, and EMRs—all of which can increase their value in the market both at home and across the U.S. They can also expand their professional network.

5. Patients, not politics.

Home health travel nurses rarely spend a lot of time sitting in meetings. And they don’t have to deal with the same difficult colleague or supervisor every day. Instead, travel nurses get to focus on providing direct care to patients.

6. Building confidence.

Because home health travel RNs are constantly exposed to new situations, they tend to acquire new skills and confidence at a faster rate than if they worked for one employer.

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