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Medical-surgical nurses are the foundation of the hospital and an awesome example of the jack-of-all trades. Med-surg nursing is an incredibly broad specialty, and its RNs work hard to stay in-the-know with lots of education. From Next Travel Nursing and AMSN, please join us in celebrating med-surg nurses everyone during Medical Surgical Nurses Week, Nov. 1-7, 2018.

MS Nurses Know Their Stuff

Med-surg nurses know how to give nearly any type of care ranging from wound care to oncology, cardiovascular, and endocrine care, and so much more. These nurses need to know how to treat just about any condition that comes through the door. Feel dizzy thinking about all of that? A med-surg nurse can fix you up. It takes more than the average person to do this kind of work!

Hand to Hold in Tough Times

Not only do med-surg nurses have the smarts and knowledge to come to the rescue for all kinds of conditions and illnesses, they’re also compassionate. It takes a highly empathetic person to be able to care for patients that are on the nursing unit for several days. Many patients tell stories of spending weeks in the hospital, and speak of a nurse or two that really encouraged them and brightened their day on the regular. Both patients and their families need support and encouragement during tough times like these. Who’s at the bedside listening to and teaching patients? You got it—the med-surg nurse!

Smart, Compassionate, and Intuitive

Med-surg nurses’ razor sharp assessment skills help them identify and respond to emergencies and when patients’ conditions take a turn for the worse. You could call it a “sixth sense.” Any med-surg nurse will tell you that after some experience, their intuition is rarely wrong! You can trust a med-surg nurse to know when something’s up.

Time to Celebrate!

Med-surg nurses, it’s your week! And while it’s only a week, we want to thank you and celebrate all that you do for your patients and families the whole year round. Take a few minutes to pat yourself on the back and recognize what a difference you’ve made in so many lives.

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