Next Travel Nursing’s Emoji Contest Winner: Corrie!

Next Travel Nursing

When Next Travel Nursing launched its new brand, we invited nurses from all over to decode a special emoji message and win an iPad. Hundreds of nurses attempted to crack the code, but one nurse nearly nailed the code word-for-word.

Here is the secret message, along with Corrie’s response below:

emoji messages

Got it? So here’s Corrie’s iPad-winning submission:

Upset at doing the same crappy thing over and over?
Unhappy at your hospital/job?
Maybe it’s time for a change!
Call Next!
Next won’t link you to your recruiter, you pick!
Your Next recruiter has the keys to your success and can find your assignment!
Next is highest in wages, job satisfaction and customer/employee service!
Next is waiting for your call, what are you waiting for? Find an assignment and start winning!

Congratulations Corrie! And thanks to everyone who played this round!

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