Oncology Nurses Light Up Our Lives

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May is Oncology Nurses Month, and we’re talking about some health care professionals who deserve recognition — oncology nurses! ❤️

Being a nurse is always tough. These healthcare warriors can take care of just about anything in a unit, from patient care to paperwork. They make crucial decisions every day, and keep patients smiling while they’re at it—not an easy job.

Oncology nurses have one of the hardest jobs in hospitals. Oncology can be a stressful and nerve-wracking discipline, and nurses get up close and personal with both patients and their medical problems. They are the front of the line for any issues that may arise during treatment, and their decisions change patients’ lives daily. That’s one high-impact job.

Oncology nurses are also often the face of the oncology unit. Patients interact with nurses more than anyone else, which means nurses’ attitudes determine the attitudes of the whole ward. A good nurse can completely change a patient’s experience in a matter of minutes. It is easy to underestimate what it takes to keep calm, professional, and friendly in an extremely stressful environment—but they take the heat every day, and keep going.

Nurses are also often responsible for talking to family members—sometimes a heart-wrenching job. Family members can sometimes feel lost or confused when the people close to them are undergoing treatment. Oncology nurses find the time between patients to make sure family members feel empowered and knowledgeable and keep concerned inner circles calm and confident. In a world where a million things could go wrong at once, that’s a tremendous achievement.

We are honored to be recognizing the strength, care, and professionalism of oncology nurses all over the world. Thank you for your work—you make our lives brighter! 😍🌟

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