Pediatric Nurses Week 2018: Celebrating a Career in Compassion

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Pediatric Nurses Week is here, and to celebrate, we’re pausing to thank all peds RNs for the incredible work they do for young patients!

Celebrated Oct. 1-5, the mission of the week is to promote peds nursing. According to the Society of Pediatric Nurses, “It is a time to reflect on the contributions pediatric nurses make to patients, families, and communities.”

Being hospitalized is hard for anyone, including kids. Children don’t always understand what’s happening and may feel scared in an unfamiliar environment. Even in an outpatient area or primary care clinic, children need an extra-compassionate caregiver to help them feel comfortable. Parents also worry when their child is sick or injured. That’s right—parents need a hand to hold sometimes, too! Pediatric nurses are the heroes with the skills to comfort and help children and their families.

Always on Double-Duty!

Pediatric nursing can be a challenging field. Peds nurses need to know how to talk to children at a level that they can understand so they can process what’s happening and know what to expect. Patients’ parents and families also find themselves feeling scared and vulnerable while their child is in the hospital. They need plenty of emotional support and education to help them understand their child’s condition and treatments. Peds nurses often feel like they have double-duties as they care for both their patients AND their families. Compassion and patience are key!

Importance of Empathy

It’s a well-known fact that peds nurses need to be really empathetic, but they also need a special set of assessment skills. Kids aren’t always able to tell someone when they’re not feeling well or if something is wrong like more mature patients can. Nurses need to be able to spot changes in a child’s behavior and have excellent nonverbal communication skills to help them figure out what their patients need.

Next Travel Nursing values our pediatric nurses’ talent and the excellent care they provide this group of patients. We work with some incredible pediatric travel nurses and know that their job isn’t always easy. A huge thank you to all of our peds travel nurses—we appreciate what you do!

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