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At Next Travel Nursing, our team of specialty-focused recruiters is proud to work with #awesome psychiatric nurses like you. There is a growing need for RNs who specialize in psychology and mental health, resulting in a growing number of open psychiatric travel nurse jobs.

As a psychiatric nurse, you’re an expert in crisis intervention, mental health, medications, and therapies that can assist patients in overcoming or mastering mental illnesses. The time you invest in each patient is substantial, and the impact you have on their lives and well-being is truly incredible 👏. Whether aiding someone who is suffering from an anxiety disorder or helping someone overcome a history of substance abuse, you’re efforts are extremely important to the American healthcare system.

Our team of experienced travel nurse recruiters is ready to help match you with that perfect travel assignment. With day-one benefits, competitive pay rates 💰, an in-house travel and housing team, bonus programs, and a 401(k) plan, Next can help you get the most out of your travel job. What’s more, our team truly cares about your success—in addition to your recruiter, you’ll have 24/7 access to our nurse support team, led by our Chief Nursing Officer.

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Interested in how the pay stacks up in other states not on this list? Our trusty Super Nurse sidekicks are standing by to answer any questions you have. Click below to get information on opportunities in other states!

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