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General Questions

What is Next Travel Nursing On Demand?

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Next Travel Nursing On Demand is a web-based application designed to give you the tools you need to land your next assignment on your terms. With features like precise job searching, real-time job alerts, personalized task management, transparent application tracking, and helpful communications, On Demand aims to deliver a tailored, self-service experience no matter how or where you enter the process. 

Register for a free On Demand profile to prepare for your next assignment on your terms.

Who will be my main point of contact while I work with Next Travel Nursing?

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Your recruiter will be your main point of contact. At times during the process, we will set up conversations with our Support Services team members who are here to ensure your success. This includes our Credentialing, Travel & Housing, and Employee Support Specialist teams. You may also be in touch with our Clinical Team, which is made up of actively licensed RNs that help you with career-focused conversations.

You also may choose to find your next assignment without initial contact from a recruiter, which is why we’ve created a self-service portal in Next Travel Nursing On Demand. Take yourself through as much of the process as you wish and know that support from a recruiter is just a click away.

What kinds of opportunities do you offer your providers?

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We staff contract positions in all 50 states including travel and local assignments. We primarily work with RN and Allied Health providers but occasionally fill LPN/LVN positions as well. Check our job board for openings in your profession and specialty.

Do you work with first-time travelers?

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Absolutely! We love working with first timers. In fact, we have created some excellent materials in our Travel Nurse Bootcamp to help you learn how to travel. Check these out and get matched with a First-Time Travel Nurse Specialist who will be your go-to resource throughout your journey. We also have filters in our job search tool that show which facilities accept first-time travelers. To use this filter, you must have an On Demand profile.

What health insurance plans do you offer?

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We offer your choice of a PPO Premium, PPO Standard, or High Deductible plan through UnitedHealthcare. Our dental and vision are through MetLife.

What health benefits do you offer?

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Next Travel Nursing offers medical, dental, and vision coverage effective on day one of your assignment. You will have 30 days from the day you start employment to make your new hire elections, and coverage will be retroactive to your start date as well. Failure to enroll will be considered a waiver of benefits, and you will not be able to enroll in benefits until the next Open Enrollment Window or you experience a Qualifying Life Event.

How much does your health insurance cost?

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Please refer to the below chart for weekly payroll deductions for our UHC plans.

Employee WEEKLY PAYROLL Deduction PPO Premium PPO Standard High Deductible
Employee Only $40.00 $30.00 $15.00
Employee + Spouse $168.47 $146.08 $119.39
Employee + Child/ren $114.94 $97.71 $75.90
Employee + Family $263.75 $232.17 $196.82

What other benefits do you offer?

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 We offer:

  • 401(k) retirement plan with company match
  • Standard limited liability insurance
  • Voluntary Life and AD&D
  • Voluntary Short-Term & Long-Term Disability
  • Accident & Critical Illness Insurance
  • Employee Assistance Program
  • Corporate discounts via ADP LifeMart®
  • Free CEU credits via HealthStream®

Do I keep my insurance after my contract ends?

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You maintain benefits for up to 28 days after your last day worked on your previous assignment, provided that you have a contract signed for an assignment that starts within 28 days of your last day worked of your previous assignment. If you have a break of more than 28 days, or you’ve decided to part ways with us, your benefits will end on the Saturday of your last week worked. If this happens, you will be able to continue your medical, dental, and/or vision through COBRA continuation coverage. COBRA information will be emailed on the Monday following your final paycheck. Enrollment information as well as pricing is available upon request at any time.


How long does the typical credentialing process take?

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Every facility has specific requirements that adds variability to the timeframe, but credentialing typically takes 1-2 weeks. Sometimes, travelers need to expedite the process for a rapidly-approaching start date. In those cases our team is usually able to reduce the time to a week or less.

What certification providers are acceptable?

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A BLS is required for all Healthcare Professionals (note: CPR or Heart Saver will not be accepted). We accept the following providers: American Heart Association (preferred), American Red Cross, Canadian Heart & Stroke, American Safety and Health Institute and Military Training Network. While these 5 providers are what we prefer, some facilities may only accept American Heart Association. In any event, we will notify you well ahead of your assignment start date which certifications your facility requires and which ones you’ll need to get.

What are the most important things to get done first on the Credentialing list?

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All the items are important, however, going to the lab and authorizing the background check should be done as soon as possible. Delays in lab results or background checks are often the cause for missed due dates and pushed starts. Testing can be time consuming and it is important to set aside to get any Prophecy exams and/or orientation modules completed prior to your due date.

Will I be reimbursed when I pay for certifications?

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It depends on a few circumstances, but usually yes. We will reimburse for the cost of new certifications above and beyond normal standards for the unit you work in.

What items can I utilize from previous assignments and/or agencies?

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Typically, most medical documents (titers, vaccines, TB tests, etc.) can be reused from previous assignments depending on the standards of the facility. Competency exams, previous background checks or drug screens cannot be reused and will be reassigned once in a new credentialing cycle.

During the job search process, am I able to begin working on the credentialing process even if I’m not actively being submitted?

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Sure! You can submit any valid or unexpired documentation you currently have to speed up your credentialing process. If you choose to submit documents early, there is no guarantee that the, Any medical documentation, including not limited to, Hepatitis B, Varicella, MMR, TB, Physical, Tdap, Flu, Fit Test, any additional certifications you hold (Front and Back) is a great start!

Do I get paid for my time spent on the credentialing process?

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While you will not be paid for your time during the pre-assignment portion of the credentialing process, some facilities do pay for your time spent completing orientation modules. If this is this case, you’ll be informed of this during the “offer” stage (when our client is making you an offer for a contract). If orientation pay is an option, it is typically paid out on the first paycheck.

Is it typical for your team to decline my documents that were previously accepted?

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Our Credentialing team works directly with client facilities to get you compliant with their specific requirements. As a result, if it’s determined that something you’ve provided does not meet their requirements, we will ask for you to provide new documentation. This typically only occurs when switching assignment locations or starting at a new facility.

Can I do my credentialing requirements while on vacation outside the U.S.?

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Of course! If you have access to an internet connection, you can upload items to our On Demand portal (if applicable) or email your documentation to your Credentialing Specialist. You can also authorize your background check. However, you will not be able to go to a lab to complete a drug screen or any required medicals, or access your competency exams. Please ensure we are aware of any international travel plans you may have during the credentialing process.

What are competency exams? How long do the exams take? Can I use exams previously taken through another agency?

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Standard assigned exams include: Unit Competency exam, Core Mandatory I, II and III. The Core Mandatories are our version of orientation and cover topics such as HIPAA, Patient Rights, Safety Goals, Ethics, Emergency Preparedness, etc. More exams could be assigned depending on facility required testing. Please ensure you have enough time allotted and can work on a computer when taking your exams. The Competency Exam and Core Mandatories are timed, 45 minutes each. We do not accept competency exams taken previously through another agency; we must have the exams branded under our company and be able to verify number of attempts to take the exam. Relias is the vendor we utilize for competency exams.

What happens if I fail my competency exams?

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You will have two attempts to take your exams. If unable to pass after those two attempts, we’ll put you in touch with our Clinical Nursing team for remediation. Study guides and practice courses will be assigned when it’s determined which areas need improvement. Important to note that some facilities will only allow so many attempts and if unable to pass may request a different healthcare provider. If you have concerns about testing or have testing anxiety, this is completely normal, and we are well prepared to help you! Just let us know early in the process prior to taking exams.

Do Relias competency exams count as CEU credits?

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No, Relias exams do not count towards CEU credits. However, we do offer courses through HealthStream that can be counted as CEU credits. You’ll receive a HealthStream login on your first day, which provides free, unlimited access to CEUs. 

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Travel & Housing

What types of housing assistance do you offer?

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When you accept an assignment, you have the option to take company-paid housing or a housing stipend. In addition, our Travel & Housing department can provide negotiated rates and discounts on accommodations, temporary hotel stays, information on travel restrictions by state, city-specific details (neighborhood safety, schools, grocery stores, points of interest, and more) and overall guidance when selecting your own housing.

What is the difference between company-paid housing and housing per diem?

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Company-paid housing is a service our company offers where we’ll research, book, and pay for your housing on your behalf. You can supply the Travel & Housing department with your lodging preferences, and they will present you customized options to choose from.

Housing per diems are a sum of money added to each paycheck, specifically intended to cover the cost of your travel to and from the assignment and your housing while working. If you choose to take the housing per diem instead of company-paid housing, you will be responsible for researching, booking, and paying for your own travel and housing.

What types of housing options are included in company-paid housing?

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Apartments, vacation rentals, Airbnb, Extended Stay Hotels, traditional hotels, and even RV park rentals if you are bringing your RV!

Are fully-furnished accommodations included in company-paid housing?

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Yes! Since it’s likely that you won’t bring all your furniture with you on assignment, we compile comprehensive lists of fully-furnished accommodations that are completely customizable to your individual needs. Typical accommodations include:

  • Bedroom furniture: bed, nightstand, dresser, lamp.
  • Living room furniture: couch, chair or loveseat, end tables, lamps, TV and stand.
  • Kitchen: dinette, 4 chairs, microwave.
  • Housewares: cookware, cooking utensils, flatware (service for 4), dinnerware (service for 4), glassware (service for 4), coffee pot, toaster, iron and ironing board, alarm clock, shower curtain, towels, sheets, comforter, pillows, vacuum.
  • Utilities: water, gas, electric, sewer, trash.
  • Need something different? Just let us know! We’ll be happy to find options for anything you need!

Do you provide pet-friendly options?

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Of course! Just ask and we’ll provide as many as we can.

What happens if I take per diem, but my apartment isn’t ready in time?

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The Travel & Housing department can help you set-up temporary accommodations. Just let us know how much time you need, and we can arrange everything for you.

Can I take the company-paid housing option while waiting for my first per diem payment?

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You are not eligible for company-paid housing while taking per diem. However, we can pay for temporary accommodations while you are waiting for your first per diem payment. We would simply deduct the cost over your first three paychecks.

What if I take per diem, but am having trouble finding a safe and affordable housing option?

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The Travel & Housing department will help you search housing options, even if you take per diem. Just let us know what you are looking for and we will research, vet, and verify all the options before sending them to you.

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